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 Magnetic Pumps

The company is targeting countries, mining, construction, petrochemical and engineering sectors.
Compressed Air and Power Solutions Australia is a private Water Pumps company, has grown from a person's business in 1980, nearly 200 employees in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Newcastle, Kalgoorlie, Brisbane and Townsville branch of the national operation.

magnetic pump

magnetic pump

Capital was established in 2002 in Queensland, Western Australia, the successful recovery of its their Magnetic Pumps. It has 14 sales and plans to set up an office in Brisbane, Mackay and Townsville in the service.
With total assets of more than 10 U.S. dollars through its manufacturing facilities in Western Australia Welshpool processing million contract.
Queensland, including portable generators contract with Energex emergency energy supply for the ABC Learning Center and the Pine River County Council Council north of Brisbane generator power requirements.
Bob McIntyre, chief executive of Water Pumps, said the company waited until "the time is right" to enter the Queensland market.
He said the mining boom has doubled in the past four years, its business scale.

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Published 12/15/2010 9:35:00 AM
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