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 The History Of The Vacuum Pump

There different types of Water Pumps which maybe has been ignored by people although they affect many areas of our lives. However, we usually do not concern these types of operations for they are 'hidden'. To tell the truth, those differnent types of Magnetic Pumps is really pay an important role in during our daily life. They make our life more easier and convenient.

The Screw Pumps is a new product with advanced design concept without a doubt. For hundreds of years, there have been different kind of Water Pumps and Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps was been invented and been put into use successfully. Let us get back to 1206, formerly known as the vacuum pump came in the form of the suction pump which was invented by an Arab engineer. By the 15th century, the technology of making the advanced pump had reached Europe and the idea of improving the function of Air operated double diaphragm pumps has reached more higher degree. People can create a series of weights and piston vacuum, like six-cylinder pump.

By the 17th century, the design of the Suction Pump as vacuum proved ideal, but the design concept can not been understand by a series of engineers, scientists and inventors. The process of realization of the vacuum and how it can overcome the hiccups pump fluid at a certain height became a big question. In fact, Galileo, Gaspar Berti and Evangelista Torricelli were all do some research about those as well as make some progree in vacuum pump technology.

The first true vacuum pump was created by the Otto von Guericke in 1654. He designed an experiment to prove that if the air is removed from the whole of it and if there is no electricity, it can be separated into the two halves of the whole. Of course, since then, the technology of the vacuum pump get a rapid development ,although it can't remove all highly toxic, carcinogenic substancebut not least is highly toxic, it is always helpful!

author : Water Pumps
Published 11/18/2010 3:02:00 PM
Article keywords : The History Of The Vacuum Pump

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