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 The Ways to Purchase Agricultural Pumps

It is very important to choose agricultural Water Pumps that can suit local circumstances. There are 3 common types of agricultural water pumps, including centrifugal, axial and mixed-flow pump.

Centrifugal pump with higher head pressure but less flow rate, is more suitable for
mountain and irrigation areas; axial pump with higher flow rate but less head pressure, is better for plain areas; but the head pressure and flow rate of Magnetic Pumps are between the centrifugal and axial Centrifugal Pumps, so it can be used in plains and hilly areas. Whatever kind of pump you really need, choose according to the local conditions, water sources and pumping height.

In addition, taking its economic performance into account is very important, too. You must pay particular attention to the double diaphragm pumps head and flow when choosing pump. Another point should be noted that there may be a difference between the pump head on nameplate and the pumping head(the actual head), because some pressure may lost when water flow near through the pipes. That is the reason why the actual head is generally lower (10%—20%) than the total head.

Therefore, in order to guarantee that the pumps can be started quickly and used safely, choosing the pumps with higher head than one on the nameplate is more appropriate; If having had power machine, it will be better to choose the pumps that can match its power.

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Published 11/16/2010 10:39:00 AM
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