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 How to Choose Water Pumps with High Quality?

When you choosing water pumps, you should pay more attention to the "head pressure". Because it have some resistance to the flow of a pump. Therefore, you should make sure which kind of water pumps you really need. Screw Pumps

A pump's "head pressure" can be called "pressure-head," often along with the "flow rate," which is used to describe how powerful a pump is. The volume of water a pump can move during a given time mainly depend on the "flow rate" to a large extent. Therefore, the head pressure on water pumps you choose should be much closer to the one at pump nameplate,which deviation should not be more than 20%. Under such circumstances,the water pumps you choose are more high-efficient, energy-saving and economical. If the head pressure on nameplate can't meet your needs, the volume of water will be very small even though the water can be pumped.

In addition, you had better not to purchase pumps with large "flow rate" , or you have to spend more on them. For example, when you choose self-priming pump used for home, pumps with lower "flow rate" should be the best choice for you; but for agricultural pumps,the ones with large "flow rate" are much better.

Another important thing is to choose according to the liquid properties including the liquid name, physical properties( density, temperature,and viscosity),chemical properties (mainly referring to the chemical corrosive and toxicity), and other properties.

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Published 11/12/2010 4:59:00 PM
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