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 On the energy-saving maintenance costs from the Water Pumps

With the increasingly serious energy shortages, Water Pumps has become a business, its purpose is to improve the economic efficiency of an important work, print, printing itself is a Suction Pump, Magnetic Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps and Screw Pumps. Complex process to operate, applications, such as how much to pay benefits can be arrested. I have accumulated experience in management and equipment maintenance, and use the company's equipment, their own feelings and experiences conversation combining reference line position.

1. Well pump repair and maintenance work to improve the pump structure to increase efficiency
With the rapid development of equipment operation, many offset printing presses equipped with two pumps, two-sided offset printing company offset a J2108B pump two. Equipment operating roller pump, the auxiliary equipment operators to stop, and taken the trouble to close the secondary Centrifugal Pumps, double diaphragm pumps, wasted. According to the work of the pump characteristics and years of maintenance experience, I found that the main gas suction pump together can receive permits serious, that can be used, instead of two pumps pump, eliminating the need to stop working, close the roller pump operation. As follows: screw together plastic relief, and in the air hose connector to vote.

3 This is our need to save a lot of expenses to eliminate pump transformation. We use one of the pump power 5KW, 16 hours 250 days a year, electricity 0.06 per day on two shifts. Kilowatt-hours per year, power companies can save 12,000 yuan, plus 3 depreciation charges, maintenance costs, fuel costs, annual savings of 12,500 yuan at least one pump. Very similar to the concept of conversion efficiency.

Permanent vertical pumps, maintenance is also important. Most likely to damage the heat pump in summer, so the filter should be cleaned regularly to maintain clean, well-ventilated air pump. Frequent due to the long start pump, pump, fan wheel often about vulnerability, especially easy to loose the screws, the fan impeller high failure rate. In order to prevent the fan wheel loose screws, we have taken appropriate measures, the Department of riveting six dead three symmetrical fan impeller, pump life, save maintenance costs, improve after the replacement of the fan impeller is not difficult to grinding wheel die grinding and screw rivets .

2. Engaged in scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation
Folding machine is a production of ZY615 Yutian machine, grinding block cell pumping serious board rule, and its deviation from the grating center of the center line of the accuracy of the 12 off, so its value is modified by the angle iron processed into the shape of a few cents, to agree on the rules to the vertical plane of the fold line, to ensure accuracy, but also much more convenient then, to replace. 5 Pack Machinery Company were to perform the main song, save on maintenance costs more than 600.

The new double-sided offset printing production chain guide pulley set a bad paper holder, and a large pin nails. Living conditions of the more serious maintenance man delayed again quick emergency repair parts a long time, the use of large off-axis center screw and screw holes drilled in to maintenance mode thread. This method is fast repairs, just a few minutes to complete and effective.

author : Water Pumps
Published 11/12/2010 8:44:00 AM
Article keywords : On the energy-saving maintenance costs from the Water Pumps

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