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 Some Useful Tips about How to Maintain Water Pumps

It is necessary for you know how to maintain pumps to prolong their lives. Here some useful tips that you need to keep in your mind to make them work well.

1.Making general inspection on water pumps one time a week, which is done by the professional staff s who is responsible of checking pumps. What is more important, doing a comprehensive maintenance every six months.

2.Spending at least 5 minutes in conducting a trial operation especially on the fire pumps, spray pumps, fill pumps every 15 days. In addition, a comprehensive maintenance is needed.

3.Conducting a comprehensive maintenance on sewage pumps every six months.

4.Paying more attention to the pumps, valves, pressure gauges, pipes when maintaining pumps.
5.Checking the seal carefully. Replace or increase the seal once a leakage is found.

6.Replacing the oil with impurities timely.
Suction Pump

7.Making sure that the pu mps are undamaged, with intact nameplate and clear flow directions.

8.Tightening base screws and make some antirust measures.

9.Keeping the appearance neat, nameplate intact, and perfect connection with ground.

10. Keeping the one-way valve flexible and make sure that there is no leakage both inside and outside the body.

11. Keeping pressure gauge accurate and dial clear.

12. The switch on every valve should be flexible and reliable; what is more, no leakage outside.

13. Cleaning and checking the impeller carefully, replace it if it is damaged.

14.Checking the sumps and supplement the oil to the appropriate location if lack of oil.

In fact, as a user, it is impossible to deal with all problems due to the limitations of professional knowledge. Therefore, you had better to ask the old users who have rich experience in using pumps. The best way is to buy the reliable and high quality pumps in order to avoid meeting with troubles as less as possible.

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Published 11/11/2010 11:26:00 AM
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