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 Tips for finding the best and present you with custom Magnetic Pump

IMC(CIH) series magnetic-force drive centrifugal pump

A magnetic pump is basically a variety of Water Pumps that uses a magnetic coupling to create a static shaft seal. The presence of a magnetic force aligns the outer and the inner magnet stationary magnets through a crack pot. In this set-up of the outer magnet is known as a drive magnet and the inner magnet is known as the driven magnet. This type of mechanism raises the potential problems caused by failure of the mechanical seal or packing.

Such a pump is particularly useful when the task involves the use of hazardous liquids such as acids, alkalis or corrosive liquids. These pumps are also suitable for combustible liquids such as alcohol, or alcohol fuels (gasoline, diesel and kerosene) are suitable. In fact, perfume industry also make extensive use of these pumps for perfumes from one place to another to transport. Such pumps have no chance of seal leakage. This is also whyindustries as pharmaceuticals are increasingly using a magnetic pump. These pumps minimize the risk of leaks and seal so they are used in heat transfer as well.

Such pumps are also ideal for those places where you need to keep the highest cleanliness and sealing leaks can not be an option. Compared in addition to these advantages, such as pumps also provide an additional advantage of low life cycle cost than a magnetic drive gear pump. These pumps are used for a variety of liquids of acids on concrete compared to liquid metal coolant. In short, they are suitable for the more difficult-to-liquids, such as may be flammable, corrosive, high viscosity factor on the handle, liquids, etc., with extreme temperatures could

Magnetic Pumps in two different versions: rotating output shaft and a stationary shaft. The former contains metal parts, and also prevent a pressure re-circulation system that requires the evaporation of the lubricant to help grease the moving parts. The latter usually do not contain metals, but instead of using plastic and ceramic components. These are best suited for low to medium load applications. Pumps with non-metallic parts such as ceramics for consistent handling of salt water and other corrosive materials are suitable because they do not corrode.

Worth mentioning here is the large number of API-610 pumps, which are designed for very heavy applications, and most preferred are pumps in the petrochemical industry. They are so because they called on the API Standard 610th

If you order your magnetic pump, make sure that the manufacturer or supplier to you with a pump that meets your needs based on criteria such as flow, pressure, inlet size, discharge size, fluid temperatures, among other things to tell the. The Screw Pumps can be operated on the powers in the range of 6 to 32 volts. If you are with the petroleum, petrochemical and gas industry process have to do service, you can opt for the API-610 pumps.

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Published 12/23/2011 5:18:00 PM
Article keywords : Tips for finding the best and present you with custom Magnetic Pump

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