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 The evolution of the vacuum pump

ZW-type self-priming sewage pump without blockage

A vacuum Water Pumps is a mechanical device, the gas particles and molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a vacuum. The vacuum pump was invented by Otto von Guericke in 1650.

The suction pump is the predecessor of the popular with the Romans during the 13th Century. Double-action suction pumps were developed in the city of Pompeii. Arabic Al-Jazari also described engineering Suction Pump in the 13th Century. In the 17th Century were introduced improved water pump design and paved the way for more measurable sucks, but that was not immediately understood. This prompted the Duke commissioned Galileo to investigate the problem.

Galileo showed the puzzle to other scientists, including Gaspar Berti, repeated it by creating the first water barometer in Rome in 1639. Berti barometer produced a vacuum above the water column, but he could not explain it. A solution was prepared by Evangelista Torricelli in the middle of the 16th Century by the construction of the first mercury barometer and claimed that the room was at the top of a vacuum.

Some people believe that although Torricelli theory makes sense, it is Blaise Pascal's experiments, that the top space really contained vacuum was demonstrated. In the 19th Century, Nikola Tesla designed the device shown on the right side that contains a Sprengel pump to create a high degree of exhaustion.

Vacuum pumps are combined with the operational procedures and chambers in a variety of vacuum systems. A low pressure or low vacuum can, with a positive displacement pump, a gas-load transfer from an inlet opening to an exhaust port. Mechanical limitations can only achieve a low vacuum flow.

Other techniques must be used then to a higher function, typically in the series, which usually follows a first positive displacement pump with a fast draining away. Some examples could use an oil-sealed rotary vane pump, which is the most common type of positive displacement support a Vertical Pump.

There are other combination depending on the vacuum level sought. Achieving high vacuum is difficult, because all the materials that are exposed to the vacuum must be thoroughly tested on their print properties.

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Published 12/15/2011 4:23:00 PM
Article keywords : The evolution of the vacuum pump

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