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 Metering pumps, chemical pumps, external gear pumps

Self-priming Chemical Pump

Water Pumps are the basic units for liquid, fluid or gas movement employed in industries. These come in a variety of functions and are for the number of fluid, liquid or gas moving applications used in industry. Some of the most commonly used types of industrial pumps metering pumps, chemical metering pumps, reciprocating-piston pumps, rotary gear pumps, external gear pumps.


Metering pump is a piston pump whose capacity can be adjusted by varying the displacement. This may also apply if the pump is running. This extraordinary ability to adjust capacity, while the pump is running, provides the metering pump with a very high degree of accuracy, so that they apt devices for applications such as metering and injection chemicals and additives in various processes in which accuracy critical.
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Available in a number of variant available, these are usually designed the low-volume pump for vertical or horizontal movement of liquids, depending on the direction of the pump rotor and stator assembly. A variety of commercial, industrial, municipal, and maritime industries use various metering pumps for liquid pumping and feeding applications. Medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, dairies, breweries, construction, food, oil and gas production are automotive and paper industry some of the areas where metering pumps are widely used. One particular area of Chemical Pumps and chemical metering pumps are used demulsifiers, antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, flocculants, dyes, specialty chemicals, flocculants, and all difficult to move or mix chemicals in boilers, tanks, batch systems in the industry. Feeds

External gear pumps

External gear pumps are a popular variety of lubrication pumps, commonly used in machine tools, fluid power transfer units, and oil pumps used in engines.
Be used based on the nature of the transitions in them, they are classified into three types, such as helical, spur and herringbone type gear pumps. In spur gears, moving the point of engagement along the length of the teeth as the gear rotates, where as in the entire length of the spur gear engages at the same time. Due to this helical external gear pumps provide smooth compared to the spur gear type pump. Spur gear pumps are usually the non-noise pumps and are widely used for high pressure applications such as hydraulic applications. Transfer of viscous liquids such as crude oil, lubricating oil, vegetable oils, molasses, fatty acids, LSHS, LDO, HSD, kerosene, bitumen for road construction are some of the most common applications for which this type of Vertical Pump are widely used.

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Published 11/25/2011 3:21:00 PM
Article keywords : Metering pumps, chemical pumps, external gear pumps

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Metering pumps, chemical pumps, external gear pumps
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