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 How to Install a Water-Powered Sump Pump

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to install an emergency backup sump pump

ZBF-type self-priming plastic magnetic pump

1. Connecting two 3-foot-long 2x3 plywood top of the wall of the main hydraulic pump; fixed with 3 inch screws shoes.

2. Sump Magnetic Pumps back up to the 2x3 plywood with screw mounting hardware provided. Must be set slightly higher than the height of the main pump on the backup pump float.

3. Next, cut around and run cold water line under the Three quarters-inch diameter copper pipe to the backup sump pump control valve. Each propane torch and lead-free solder connections.

4. Unplug the main sump pump. Then, by using the exhaust valve with a slotted screwdriver to loosen the clamps existing outfall water.

5. Cut into the existing emissions from the main tank pumps leading pipe, and run the standby pump to a new 1 half-inch-diameter PVC pipe.

6. Installation to the new Chemical Pumps check valve, PVC pipe and then primer and solvent cement, welding together the plastic pipe and fittings.

7. Open anti-reflux valve, then open the valve, water wash or a bucket into any welding flux.

8. A pump to fill water, plug the sump pit and wait for it to open.

9. Unplug the main pump to raise his hand on the Vertical Pump to simulate the pits of water floating in the pool up. When the appropriate level fluctuations, the standby pump will start and the water discharge hole.

author : Water Pumps
Published 4/29/2011 9:59:00 AM
Article keywords : How to Install a Water-Powered Sump Pump

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