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 Positive displacement pumps

Positive displacement Water Pumps can be divided into three main types. Gear pump is the simplest type of rotary pump, the two components of the layout of the gear teeth side by side with their edges into. Pinion steering away from each other, creating a trap current of gear teeth and between the shell fluid, eventually released on the pump discharge side of the engagement to be fluid everywhere. Many small teeth to maintain a constant fluid flow, and fewer teeth to create a larger trend in the short-term liquid pump discharge, pulse spray.

Magnetic pipeline pump
Screw pump is a Suction Pump with two or three against the screw, more complex types - that is, a screw clockwise, the other counterclockwise. These screws on the installation of each axis running parallel to each other; the axis of each gear are also on their network to shaft rotation together, and keep everything ready. Turning the screw, and therefore they are installed shaft to draw fluid through the pump. And other forms of rotary pump, between moving parts, the pump casing is the smallest gap.

Moving Magnetic Pumps rotary pump third category, including the shape of a cylindrical rotor housing in the same package. When the rotor rotates, the rotor blades and casing between the fluid trap to draw fluid through the pump.

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