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 Why Is There a Small Hole in a Water Pump?

Hole in my Water Pumps? I have my water pump before disconnecting a small hole. What happened? I lost a screw or something? If I added some sealant or screws in it? Do not worry. Here are thin in your water pump hole.

ZBF-type self-priming plastic magnetic pump
Barbican Pump comes with a hole in them. The hole is called "crying hole." This does not mean the pump is a natural sadness or anything. They need to leaking holes, so you know, when sealed in the pump about to fail. The cry of the extra hole is to allow the box to the pump bearing lubrication discharge pump. Without this hole, the oil will be forced to pump sealed into the engine cooling. The hole also allows the Screw Pumps out of the housing, rather than being forced upon the seals, pollution bearings.

Seal failure How can you know that a failure to seal leaking hole ticking to see what is the future, if oil prices out of the hole to cry, it means you have a blown seal or not. However, if leakage or anti-freeze holes cry out, then you pump seal leak inside the case. A small amount of water or oil may be crying around the hole is no problem, but if there was water or oil leakage, it is time replace the Suction Pump.

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Published 4/15/2011 5:15:00 PM
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