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 Enping 50,000 acres of paddy water depth Agrocybe guidance city leaders drought

Yesterday, the Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of the party the right to Enping Nie understand guide spring drought. He tried every means at all levels required Enping and mobilize all forces can be mobilized quickly set off a drought the climax, before the 20th of this month for completion of planting.

Nie party line right down to the more serious drought across Beizhen Songshan Village, went to talk with the villagers Agrocybe understand the impact of drought on the local spring. When he learned that all the farmland in Songshan Village, not the current planting because of drought, he immediately said Enping allocated 300,000 yuan to work for the drought, of which 100,000 yuan arrangements for purchase of Water Pumps and other equipment across Beizhen to assist farmers to carry out current Plug Seedlings drought grab.

CYZ-A Suction Centrifugal Oil Pump
This year due to rainfall, and the fact last year the reservoirs Enping more reinforcement, less water, the city's more serious the current drought. As of April 10, the city there are 50,000 mu of paddy planting due to lack of water can not be accounted for planting area of Yun Ping planned for this year more than 20%.

Nie party the right to point out that if not timely transplanting rice, Yun Ping is bound to affect this year's grain output. To this end, he stressed that the place where there are drought, Yun Ping government at all levels must attach great importance to organize cadres to the countryside, focuses its efforts to understand the situation, to help farmers solve practical problems; to spend all that drainage and irrigation of the equipment, Oil Pumps, for the water pumped in the rice fields in recent days to go. In addition, in order to water consumption, full use of existing Pneumatic Diaphragm pumps, water scheduling work to do to achieve scientific drought. If you do not planting because of the drought, we must see whether switching to other crops, leading cadres should go deep into the first line of investigation and study, to grasp the situation, as far as possible to minimize losses caused by drought.

author : Water Pumps
Published 4/15/2011 5:14:00 PM
Article keywords : Enping 50,000 acres of paddy water depth Agrocybe guidance city leaders drought

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