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 Allow water to moisten each piece of early vegetable

Spring in March, when reporters came to town Hongxing Dong early Luodian vegetable base, greeted the farmers busy figure, and some species in spring, Water Pumps or fertilizing .

What kind of fellow species in the food? IH Chemical Pump
"Species of green beans, or catch up with pre-cold, now the market has." Luo Jiaming told reporters.

Luo Jiaming the village vegetables of the players, he has an acre price of 500 yuan per mu rented a river not far from the 4 acres of land planted early vegetables, all these years, by the early planted more than 240 square meters was built in two floors house, life gusto.

"This year's course is difficult species, and previous low temperature is not that food needs are being met when the water that God is no less than a little rain. Only set up the tube from the pump out to the land where the river Multi-Stages Pumps for irrigation,"

Counting his account to reporters, from the February start planting spring vegetables, species after species of rice, the rice and then kind of close quarter Qiudong Cai, one year, there are 4 to 70,000 yuan of net income.

Revenue has been uneven, what is the reason of?

"In addition to watching more income came from a market price of vegetables, but also the key depends on whether the good weather God. If case of drought, it is necessary to the river water pumping, the cost will higher than before. Two pumps of 1,000 yuan, various pumping tube 950, the less species Charge in season vegetables have three or four hundred dollars, not counting labor costs, and sometimes not in time to be flashed irrigation, vegetable production to be affected. Do not look on the hillside a lot of good fertile soil, it is because far from Chemical Pumps point is 200 dollars an acre and no one rents. "

author : Water Pumps
Published 4/13/2011 5:50:00 PM
Article keywords : Allow water to moisten each piece of early vegetable

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