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 Water Pump Replacement

I recently helped put on a 2.7L engine in her 1998 Dodge intrepid Water Pumps leaking my sister. It's a terrible time when the engine water pump shaft seal design to go (because they are easy to do), dump leaking coolant into the crankcase oil and errors.

ZW (XZW) Suction Sewage Pump
Chrysler seams that a simple leaky hole, sufficient to detect any leaks, dumping on the outside, but I read too many stories about Magnetic Pumps, as inadequate. By the way - the location of the hole leak in the engine block to the left, near the front of the block about halfway. This is the most easy to find from under the car to watch.

The following is not intended to be a complete step by step approach on how to do this step. I intend to use it it goes the way I can help other people learn information. I will not attempt without a service manual Sewage Pumps established this. I missed a lot of publicity in the manual (eg torque procedure) for important details. If nothing else, read this, you get the amount of mechanical work involved, why will charge you $ 500 labor to do the work North a good feeling.

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Published 4/6/2011 3:27:00 PM
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