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 Pump control panel

Automatic irrigation system design is to provide the right amount of water and plant the garden thing. If you need spare parts,Water Pumps and irrigation pumps irrigation system will determine the type and size. Small-scale irrigation systems, rather than from the normal water pressure, you have to run the property at a higher pressure generated by the pump. Irrigation systems for a wide range of different effects of the pump irrigation system provides a variety of sizes. Irrigation water pump control panel control output is provided by the previous program. Thus, irrigation pumping system to achieve the required amount of water, reduce waste.

LQ3A series stainless steel rotor pump
Rainfall and irrigation pump system pump control panel, you can adjust the sensor saturation in each cycle, abundant sunshine and soil water. Complete sets of equipment to ensure your timely access to water, thereby reducing water loss. Pump control panel is easy to design is the creation of innovative irrigation system provides complete control. When will high-precision applications, where only when necessary to ensure the accuracy of the water, regulate and control the speed and system functions. Control panel, high-quality start / control automatic shutdown, pressure, speed control, with advanced technology and stop the interlocking control the temperature, use the option the state-oriented, have the ability to stop the gun end of the groups.

The pump controller has been used for Screw Pumps and water pumps. Pump parts, to improve the reliability of the pump to improve the performance of the pump, so that significant energy savings, reduce wear and tear costs. You can include the control of the pump installation is simple, Magnetic Pumpsspeed control unit and pump, pump output pressure off and more advanced control. They provide flexible control, short circuit and overload protection, and cable plant. The scope of on-site installation and accessories change. Control panel can be customized to create a specification.

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