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 How to buy agricultural water pump

In recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural structure, the farmers take advantage of low mountain slope and wasteland resources, large-scale development of highly efficient agriculture, but these plots are often difficult to gravity irrigation. Need to purchase Water Pumps for water irrigation. So, how to buy a suitable agricultural pumps it? The following tips for farmers to Friends reference.

AFB/FB single suction pump
First of all, to local conditions to buy pumps. There are 3 common types of agricultural water pumps, that pump, axial and mixed flow pump. Pump head high, but the water is not suitable for mountain areas and irrigation areas; axial pump out water more, but head is not too high, for the plain areas; mixed flow pump and head out of water between the pump and between the axial flow pump for use in the plains and hilly areas. To the user according to local conditions, water sources and water pumping height to buy.

Secondly, we must select the appropriate pump excessive. Determine the pump type, to consider their economic performance, with particular attention to the pump head and flow and the choice of motive power. Should be noted that the pump head stated on signs (total head) and the use of the water head (the actual head) there is a difference, because the flow of water through pipes and pipe near there will be some pressure loss. Therefore, the actual total head lift generally lower than 10% - 20%, the water is also reduced. Therefore, the actual use, the only signs the note by the head and flow rate of 80% to 90% estimate, the choice of pump motive power, the power can be indicated on the label chosen, in order to start quickly and use of safe water pumps, power machine of Power can also be slightly larger than theSuction Pumppower required, generally about 10% higher than is appropriate; If you already have power, to buy water pump, you can press the power machine of the power to buy a matching pumps.

Finally, strict procedures to purchase pumps. Multi-Stages Pumps testing when they purchase the "three cards", that permits the promotion of agricultural machinery, production licenses, and product quality certificate, and only three cards are complete before being eliminated to avoid the purchase of products and inferior products.

author : Water Pumps
Published 3/18/2011 1:46:00 PM
Article keywords : How to buy agricultural water pump

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