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 Hundred households without water pump outage then water the streets

Yesterday morning, the People's University campus sudden outage of a Water Pumps, internal water supply system is abnormal, some school buildings, student dormitories and family wings without water. After the incident, fire entered the school, family wings hundreds of households receive water with a bucket on the streets until noon, the water system back to normal.

JYWQ/JPWQ series automatically stirring sewage pump
"Everyone is holding basin and water bottles, the team has three or four meter long", the static park family wings queen mother said the residents, the family area has more than 20 storeys, each of them 56, one thousand lived here. Yesterday morning, make breakfast and found her house without water, "lived here for over a decade, the family did very little water." Subsequently, a fire truck entered the campus, stopping at the west side of Building 5, water supply for residents.

Yesterday afternoon, fire evacuation, the static park family wings gradually restore the water supply. Huang claimed that their students, in the morning before class, the teacher informed the school buildings are without water, "but not every building has stopped, and some water, some without water." Huang said he did not where the dormitory without water . But the chemicals Park VI student dormitory, said the floor was the night without water, daily life are affected.

Building 3 in the east of knowing there is a Sewage Pumps station, several workers were underground repairs. Repair workers say, a sudden destruction of the pump has been replaced, the preliminary statistics on campus without water for about 10 hours. Logistics Group, according to the NPC official said, how does the campus block of flats without water, yet the number of specific statistics. The school district has three pumps and a Pneumatic Diaphragm pumps, due to long run, a pump in the early morning outage, pressure drop, water in short supply, so there are no water. After the incident, logistics personnel to step up repairs, new water pump has been replaced, the campus water supply has returned to normal.

author : Water Pumps
Published 3/18/2011 1:45:00 PM
Article keywords : Hundred households without water pump outage then water the streets

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