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 Self-priming Chemical Pump

Now is the American inventor Suction Pump

Now is the American inventor thinks he has figured out how to make a serious Magnetic Pumps down the mystery man - let's like a fish through the breathing liquid.
Arnold Rand is a retired American heart Diaphragm Pumps and lung surgery Screw Pumps, has been made a diving suit, to the human breathing "liquid air", a special solution, has been highly enriched with oxygen molecules.
Scuba diving packages Rand envisaged that inhalation of high oxygen perfluorocarbon (PFC) - a type that can be dissolved liquid and gas in large quantities. The liquid will be contained in a closed helmet, will replace all in the lungs, nose, ear cavity air.

Self-priming Chemical Pump

Self-priming Chemical Pump
Carbon dioxide is usually out of our bodies when we breath will be "scrubbed" from our blood by attaching a mechanical puncture to the femoral vein in the leg.
Suspended in the liquid oxygen used, divers will no longer worry about decompression sickness - often fatal disease for the "bending", ie, when dissolved in the blood pressure of deep water, nitrogen bubbles out Centrifugal Pumps, because we increase the known. It may make them more depth down to well below the current possible.
Liquid ventilation sounds like science fiction - it has played a James Cameron's 1989 double diaphragm pumps fiction film an important role in the abyss - but it has advanced the United States by the height of a small number of hospitals use for premature children.

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Published 2/8/2011 8:48:00 AM
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Self-priming Chemical Pump
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