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 2CY gear pump - Oil Pumps

New Magnetically Coupled Centrifugal Pumps

These Magnetic Pumps Flojet behind the technology, including a magnet motor drive, eliminating the need for the motor shaft seal. This will create a media between the car and improve the motor life, reduce heat to medium temperature barriers. Durable polypropylene (PP) and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) of the shell and ceramic spindle to allow the maximum chemical resistance.

Model and the flow can be from 4.6 - 14.5 GPM, and with the AC motor and DC voltage.

Magnetic coupling of the Diaphragm Pumps, everything. For more information, please contact our authorized distributor, or visit www.sh-scpv.com from us.

2CY gear pump - Oil Pumps

2CY gear pump

ITT Corporation is a pump and flow control valves provide innovative and high quality products to meet customer needs and provide solutions for global leaders said. Because of the heightened attention to the brand - Flojet, Jabsco, Rule, American League, the ACS and Alcon - ITT pumps and valves provide the most versatile range of available, and service niche markets, including beverage, food processing a wide range of special industrial, marine / RV, oil and gas, and medical care. Flow control customers around the world recognize its ability to ITT Corporation to provide a high degree of engineering, that is the worst environment in the cost of failure is high success durable components. ITT Corporation ITT Corporation flow control, the company www.sh-scpv.com part.

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