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 JYWQ/JPWQ series automatically stirring sewage pump

GRI Introduces Its New Integrity Series(TM) Mag Water Pumps

Gorman - Rupp Industrial Organization (GRI) announced that its new integrated magnetic Suction Pump, integrity Series (TM). In the Integrity series brings a unique engineering Magnetic Pumps, the Global Reporting Initiative custom OEM pump Diaphragm Pumps. In the Integrity series into a compact design, pump parts, with the only moving parts as the impeller assembly. This combined with the elimination of the motor bearings Screw Pumps, resulting in a considerable, long life, low power consumption, integrated Centrifugal Pumps. Design for the recycling and fluid transport, GRI's Integrity series of companies will affect the magnetic drive double diaphragm pumps, automotive and RV, cooler and cooler, and other market OEM applications. To understand the new Global Reporting Initiative's Integrity series, please visit: www.sh-scpv.com.

JYWQ/JPWQ series automatically stirring sewage pump

JYWQ/JPWQ series automatically stirring sewage pump

Since 1953, the Global Reporting Initiative's goal is to meet the many different GRI's global OEM market, the service needs. Either modify the existing design of a new pump or pump according to the specifications of a customer, the Global Reporting Initiative's technical sales and engineering department has a unique structure, to quickly assess the applications and create a solution specific to the medical device pumping needs. OEM requirements in the evaluation of a, GRI use in an effort to recommend the best solution to the application of the pump affect the customer design and manufacturing experience of 56 years. To learn more about the GRI and the company's fluid pump solutions, please visit the www.sh-scpv.com.

author : Water Pumps
Published 1/24/2011 3:24:00 PM
Article keywords : JYWQ/JPWQ series automatically stirring sewage pump

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