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 Water Pumps - when flood or drought comes

Water Pumps - when flood or drought comes

It is said that,people ,in one district in China,about 10 residents ' basement encounter the flood which lasted for 3 months,the residents have no choice but to drain water outside by a water pump themselves every day.

In the corridor door,an unpleasant smell come, the Sewer Department had grown a moss, and there was a large water stain. allowing only one person walk through one of the stairs into the basement. The basement is about 14 square meters, about 30 cm deep of water,one resident is holding a pipe connected with a water pump.
we learned from the resident in the first floor,the house was built in 1979,only be flooded by heavy rain before,but from May,no matter what weather,it will have deep water even to 0.5m,if don't use a water pump.Thanks to the water pump owned by upstairs,really helpful.
A grandma said,after the flood ,there would have disgusting smell and many mosquitoes ,which made them uneasily to have a rest,never peaceful.Moreover,many old people had fell down by the moss .

It had been reflected by the residents,but did't get any reasons in details.It is said that this may come from the pipes of interal house .
The goverment really need to pay attention to this problem,and solve it in time.for it has seriously affect the daily life of many residents.
From this news,we also realize the importance of a water pump,especially encounter this flood.Nowadays ,either flood or drought, seriously affecting people's lives, production, and work,so prepare a water pump in case ,really necessary.

Many shops sell Water Pumps,but there are many inferior products appear,which would dangerous,water waste,power waste,and low efficiency,so choosing a good water pump become a fatal problem we need face with.Our company supply products in good quality and various styles,different functions,we always focus on credibility.


author : Water Pumps
Published 1/10/2011 4:49:00 PM
Article keywords : Water Pumps - when flood or drought comes

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