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 When replacing a fountain pump

When replacing a fountain pump

When replacing a fountain pump or choosing a new one, first there are some key terms to keep in mind:

"Head" : This is the maximum vertical lift of the pump. For example, a 6' head means the pump is rated to pump water up to 6 feet high. Note, however, that at 6 feet the pump would be providing very little water, with gallons per hour around zero. So if you need to pump, say, 200 gph at 72", you will probably need about a 300-600 gallon per hour pump to do the job. See a "pump curve" for the amount of water pumped to various heights. Major pump manufacturers like Cal Pump, Fountain Tech pumps , and others, include pump curves on their boxes, brochures, or other literature. You should take a good look.

"Water Volume": The total volume that you will be pumping is controlled by a few factors. One factor is the size of the pump, as covered above. But you also must consider how wide your tubing will be.

How much water do I need? What size of pump?
This question is answered in part by whether you want a "trickle" or a roar.if you are building a 12" wide waterfall that is three feet tall, you need to buy a pump that will be pumping 1200 gallons per hour at three feet of height. For ponds, whenever it is possible, it is a good idea to recirculate the water once an hour.For really large ponds, this is not necessary and is far too expensive.This creates enough volume for a wide, crashing spill. Adjust stones to soften the splash if desired.

Where is the Pump Made?

Pumps, like anything else, are made all over the world, and we suggest you buy pumps from someone who will stand by a guarantee and who has testing programs before marketing their pumps. What matters most is how well the pumps have been engineered and the materials used in the production.Most Chinese water pump companies have their pumps manufactured and sold overseas.

Why do pumps burn out so often?

95% of the customer have let the pumps get hot by running them dry. Most fountain pumps are water-cooled and once the fountain is dry they burn up. Usually there is nothing you can do about this other than to buy a new pump. Moreover, pumps are supposed to be cleaned every so often by opening up the impeller case on the fountain pump. Follow the manufacturer's directions.
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Published 1/9/2011 3:51:00 PM
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