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 Pump cavitation

Pump cavitation

Pump cavitation is caused by the vapor of water, the so-called water vapor is the process from liquid to vapor . Temperature and pressure have a certain relationship with it. With a certain pressure, while temperature rises to a certain figure ,then water began to vaporize; with a certain temperature, the pressure reduces to a certain digit, it will also vaporize. This pressure is called vapor pressure. If in the flow process, a localized pressure is equal to or lower than the corresponding vapor pressure, vapor of water occurs in the area. after vapor, it will form a lot small bubbles . When the bubbles flow from low pressure zone to high pressure zone. the bubbles would burst under high pressure. High pressure water flow at high speed to the area which occupies the original space, form a shock. Metal surface in the water pressure, was fatigue and severely damaged.

So we regard the whole process of bubble's formation, development and rupture resulting in material damage , called cavitation phenomenon.
Recognize the manufacturers,and consult the old customers
When the user selects the pump, it is much better to choose the sales point which is approved by agricultural sector.we must recognize the manufacturer.

Proposed you to buy water-filled submersible electric pump, and clearly see the brand and quality certification. Do not buy the "three no " (no manufacturer, no production date, no production license) products, otherwise ,if there is a problem, the user will do nothing .As the user, due to the limitations of professional knowledge, it is difficult to decide, the best way is consult some of the old pump users, especially those ,similar to your own conditions, choose those used to get these users trust, reliable quality and mature products. a wise choice. Meanwhile, the power should be based on local circumstances of the pump with a single-phase or three-phase pumps.
Our company's characteristics are sincerity,accuracy,communication,and good faith.


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Published 1/4/2011 5:04:00 PM
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