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 The event of Audi recall

The event of Audi recall

The Audi saloon has extremely owned his good position in world marketplace.As the symptom of government officials always attract? the favour of businessmen .Lots of consumers have joined the arming that following Audi vehicle.with the procuction line is increasing,more and more types of Audi arrive at our daily life.
The doubts about it start from the moment when he became famous.more and more troubles emerge during using the car.Among them,especially the sixth-generation Audi A6L,cause hot disputes.
Problems comes from the Audi A6L 2.4 displacement models, the car's Water Pumps, many have suffered severe water leakage, "leakage" used here may not be accurate, when the water pump have any problems, the engine Coolant flowing inside will spray out .At this time, engine coolant warning light will alarm, the vehicle can not move, only wait for the trailer. When the shop owner ask for help from the 4S shop, just the brief description of the situation, 4S shop operator can determine what problem it is. We can see, this failure is very common , and is well known in the Audi interior.
In contact with several such cases, we can basicly determine it comes from the quality of the pump itself. after running water appeared, they carried out an inspection of the screws ,used to compress the pump’s seal ,but did not appear loose or not strict. coolant spray out of the center of rotation of pump, which indicates there exists defects of this Water Pumps in the production.Then need to replace the improved water pump. At early stage, the factory has adopted the strategy of quality claims, more or less same to these two kinds of quality problems approachs and free of charge to replace it when face the problems.
This situation is a acute failure,without any signs of emergency,occurs in car.So most of the cars break down outside,if in city,it would be OK,can call of 4S shop to rescue.Of course,there will be anchored in the inconvenient place and have no communication .and catch up with the cold winter,it is really a dangerous thing.
So from this event,we learn that choosing a water pump is really vital .Quality is the best factor we should pay attention to.


author : Water Pumps
Published 12/30/2010 5:08:00 PM
Article keywords : The event of Audi recall

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