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 AFB/FB single suction pump

the defination and application of Suction Pump
the suction pump is a kind of rotary transfiguration vacuum pump,it works with a wider range of pressure in the pumping speed to be larger surking gas that contained dust and water vapor,suction pump are widely used in plastics machinery,chemical pesticide chemcial,dyestuff,bricks machinery,low-temperature equipment,paper machine ,pharmaceutical and chemical industry,food machinery ,furnace ,electronic industry,vacuum equiment,chemical fertilizer,metallurgy,petroleum,mines,foundation treatment,ect.

AFB/FB single suction pump

AFB/FB single suction pump
the principle of suction pump
According to the working principle,Suction Pump can be divied into two types basically, it was named gas transmission pumps and gas capture pumps.Gas transmission pump is a kind of pump which can let gas inhaling and echaling constantly,so as to achieve the purpose of vacuum pump suction.Gas capture pump is a kind of pump which make the gas molecules are adsorption or condensed in pump up the surface.thus reducing the tank of gas molecule number and achieving the purpose of vacuum pump suction.

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Published 12/28/2010 4:35:00 PM
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