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 I-1B Underflow Pumps

The information and images is prohibited by law, Water Pumps does not respect the public authorities,"''incite or encourage hatred, "or crime, or is likely to cause " anxiety or changes in the civil public order. "

I-1B Underflow Pumps

I-1B Underflow Pumps
It also said that electronic media must establish procedures to "allow without delay constraints, Vertical Pump was regarded as objectionable content. Offenders will be fined.
Chavez opponent and press freedom groups have criticized the law, saying it is that they fear could be used against the freedom of a change in the law of another line. Question remains of how to enforce measures.
Chavez on Sunday defended the law, saying it is designed to help prevent cyber-crime citizens.
"We do not lift, Internet access ... no restrictions, "Chavez said. "We are doing to protect themselves against crime, cyber crime. "
As an example, Chavez said the news of promoting drug use, Water Pumps prostitution and other crimes, and said his government has the responsibility to take the stand.

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Published 12/23/2010 9:40:00 AM
Article keywords : I-1B Underflow Pumps

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