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 DBY Electric Diaphragm Pumps

"He put in a challenging environment for the company's bread and Water Pumps products, the main market in recession, has come, said: " Edward Jones analyst Aaron Vaughn. "This is not the fault of Bill Hawkins, the stock is where it is, but he was the CEO and the board must do something. "

DBY Electric Diaphragm Pumps

DBY Electric Diaphragm Pumps
In Hawkins's leadership, the Minneapolis company's share Screw Pumps has dropped by nearly thirty percent.

QBK Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps
In Hawkins's tenure, the company faces weakening of its products, due to unemployment and health insurance in the United States suffered the loss of sales as last year, the company announced layoffs, forced to cut its 2011 earnings forecasts. Hawkins also oversaw the spinal implant manufacturers integrate Kyphon, the acquisition cost of $ 4,000,000,000 of sales has to live up to analysts expectations. In addition, the company cited the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Water Pumps manufacturing issues that hinder its ability to launch new products.

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Published 12/22/2010 9:08:00 AM
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